Friday, February 16, 2007

Stuff Floating

click pic for bigger version
I like the word "stuff". It's not very useful normally in written language, but how else do you describe what a ship carrying hundreds (thousands?) of 40 ft containers is likely to be carrying? Lots of different stuff.

The pic above is of a container ship in the Suez Canal, seemingly at rest (no wake) in one of the "Bitter Lakes". Google Earth is a mind expanding phenomenon, I always get lost in it whilst using it. You start looking for one specific place and end up half an hour later roaming around zooming in and out on unlikely parts of the world. Today I decided to follow the Suez Canal from one end to the other. This led me to think about the of non-food stuff things that I have bought in the last few weeks: my new computer, the €5 t-shirt I'm currently wearing (as you can guess I only shop at the finest establishments), a Lego set for my nephew's birthday; they have probably all been through the Suez on a ship like the one above. Is globalization when your €5 t-shirt is better traveled than you are?

I haven't found a way to put a Google Earth .kmz file into blogger, so if you want to see the ship through Google Earth you'll have to just go and find it yourself. If any geeks out there can tell me how I could do this, I'd be very grateful.

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Toby, if you want to share your KMZ file you will either have to upload it to your server (server may need to be configured to serve kmz files) or upload it to the Google Earth BBS.
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