Friday, February 23, 2007

Poor old New Zealand

No one seems to take them very seriously do they? In the past it has been French commandos bombing ships in Auckland harbour, or Israeli agents 'borrowing' the identity of a severely disabled man to get a New Zealand passport, and now it is the Japanese government ignoring their demands to accept help for the drifting Japanese whaling ship in Antarctic waters.

Oh well, at least the squid know not to mess with the Kiwis.


Bob Hughes said...

This is the bit I liked most:

"One expert said calamari rings made from it would be like tractor tyres."

I hope you make slightly more incisive comments when called upon as an expert, Toby.

ed said...

toby is an expert on calamari? I am even more impressed than usual.

The strategist said...

Your post reminds me of Kissinger's remark - that New Zealand is a strategic dagger pointing at the heart of Antartica.

A.E. said...

Strategist, I've never heard of that remark, but you made me laugh so hard!