Monday, February 26, 2007

Chilly weekend

Me climbing, Jody belays - thanks to Nikko for the picture.
Went to another "crag X" on Saturday morning and whilst Jody, Big Toni and I climbed the line in the picture, Nikko and Samu did the possible first ascent of what I think is the best easy ice climb within 100 kms of Helsinki, and indeed one of the best in Southern Finland. Sunshine but a biting wind made it a rather chilly affair, particularly as I didn't wear enough! More details to follow.

Samu leading repeats our line (left), whilst Toni repeats Nikko's route (right)


Anonymous said...

More pics on my flickr site if you are interested.



nikko said...

On the caption for the second picture, "left" and "right" have switched places.

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

On the caption for the second picture, "left" and "right" have switched places.

Now sorted. Sorry.

Antti Mankinen said...

Hi Toby,
Nico B, Markus L, Mikko R, Pasi V, Marko S, me and many other climbers have climbed in this place before. We climbed all "basic" ice falls, and
several mixed lines - totally about 10 lines.
BR Antti M.

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

Thanks Antti. It seemed a bit unlikely that they hadn't been climbed before as you can see them from a main road. Did they ever get names? We made some up mainly so I could log them in my UKC logbook, but I'll happily correct them if you, or anyone who went there before named them after climbing the routes.

Did you lead the mixed routes? We were looking at some lines that looked potentially protectable, but others it looked like you could hit the deck from some way up.

I still don't really get why there has never been a way developed to share ice climbing information around these parts - we were discussing on UKC today using Wikis which seems quite sensible. Perhaps we should set up a Suomalainen jää wiki...