Friday, February 09, 2007

Dirty Politics: The New Republic on McCain's unsavoury team

This is a bit of a U.S. politics geek post - but if you know what the New-Hampshire-get-out-the-vote-blocking scandal was, or remember the "Call Me Harold" ad, or indeed just enjoyed Tom DeLay getting arrested (see mugshot left), you're sure to be interested. One man connects all three, he's called Terry Nelson and he is now working on John McCain's presidential campaign. Everyone likes McCain even if they don't agree with him because he's made a career of being an honest, straight-talker. So the New Republic enjoys pointing out that McCain keeps ducking the question of why he has hired this guy. Read the whole profile from TNR here. Every campaign needs a hardman/woman who will go out and do all the dirty stuff for them, but that person normally manages to stay out of the headlines and definitely shouldn't become an issue that their boss gets questioned on. Let's see if Mr. Nelson becomes a hindrance rather than a help for McCain.


ed said...

More on John McCain at Vanity Fair this month. Here.

Blogger for peace said...

you can access The new republic, Wall Street Journal, zacks, mornignstar etc for free with a netpass from:

Andrew Tobias blogged about this last week, I thought it was a great tip!