Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Heavyweights of hip-hop

I keep seeing these adverts on the telly for "the Heavyweights of Hip Hop" coming to Finland. And who are these heavyweights? Snoop Dog and P. Diddy. Lets get one thing straight, neither of these are heavyweights of anything besides marketing. Snoop Dog has always been the pantomime dame of hip hop with rhymes as blunt as his, well, blunts. Peepee Diddlydee is just a marketing degree case-study demonstrating that lots of people are really stupid and will buy all sorts of shit if you flog it hard enough. He went to private school and got - unsurprisingly - a business degree from a good university. How 'street' is that? The guy is bright and a grinder, no doubt, but his music is just crap that fits well a particular niche. It's depressing that kids paying some huge amount of money to go and watch them at the Hartwall Arena may actually think these chancers are Hip Hop Heavyweights. They aren't.

For those who need the education, this is heavyweight hip hop:

And even the coolest shorties know it:

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