Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Libby's lawyer cries

Listen to the description of the closing arguments here. The yuck-inducing stuff starts at about 3:40 into the report

Regardless of whether Mr. Libby is guilty or not, sobbing whilst pleading for your client, formerly one of the most powerful men in the world and who's friends have stumped up $3 million for his defence, is simply vomit-worthy.
"He's a good a man, he's be under my protection for the past month - I give him to you now" said Wells [Libby's lawyer], his face contorting in tears "give him back to me, give him back".
Pass the sick bag. Can anyone hear the L.A. Law theme in the background?


KGS said...

What is truly vomit worthy, is a case that should have never gone to trial in the first place, which speaks of the need for limitations on a special prosecuters office. There is no gas to the initial charge of the leaking of Plame's name, since Valerie Plame had not been an active field agent for over seven years. That worries me more than an attorney working to defend his client, tears and all.

A.E. said...

Mr. Libby's lawyer needs to get a grip. It's not like he's in risk of being locked away for life.

KGS said...

Now here is a real case of leaking names of people working for the CIA to the media...,1,3175908.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

as well as here:

Anonymous said...

If the names are in publicaly available German court documents how can they be "leaked"?

KGS said...

If you read the article, the German court is "seeking to properly identify 13 Americans", the LATimes got the info from government databases.

That the Times is freely divulging the aliases these men are going by, is most certainly "outing them", making it that much easier to find the trail for foreign officials.