Monday, June 23, 2008

When Presbyterians meet Shi'a

The title of this post is only to see if I can generate interesting traffic from strange Google searches. Anyway today it has been raining hard and gray all day - thoroughly miserable, so the following exchange on UKclimbing greatly brightened my day. How we got to this exchange isn't really important:

Nevis the cat:

> I thought Iranian Jews could hold office?


> I did say 'most' muslim countrys.


> Not many people know about the existence of a sizeable community of Jews in Iran.
> An even better-kept secret is the presence of Wee Frees out there. (Their leader is Mullah Kintyre.)

Nevis the cat:

> You're funny - I will kill you last.
As you can see, the days just fly past. Doug, you're not just a 'G', you da' OG!

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Dave C said...

I missed that one!
Rubbishy & Doug G: two of the every few remaining reasons to visit UKC.