Monday, June 09, 2008

English Hesari - till gull of mistokes

I know this sounds really gripey - and that I moaned about it last week - but how do things that either Microsoft Word or Firefox's built in spell check would notice, make it into a national, edited publication?

From today's Helsingin Sanomat English edition's story on the Finnish SDP's new leader:
By “party of values”, Urpilainen said that she means that the SDP will not promite the interests of any individual interest group
Is promite a bit like extreme Marmite? That must be really salty! And then, a couple of stories on in the insulin poisoning case report:
The court acquitted the defendants on manslaughter charges, dinding that they did not deliberately try to kill the victim
I haven't even read the sports stories so don't know if they are any better.

I know the English edition is just put together by a handful of people and on a shoestring, but still - like I'm always moaning about the British climbing press - a pretty fundamental job of an editor is to at least make sure things are spelled correctly and the sentences make sense.

***Tuesday morning update - maybe I'm not the only one moaning. Promite has been corrected, but dinding is still there.***

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Jukka said...

Amen to that. Or rather: Aimen to tz├Ąt.