Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weekend climbing and camping pics

Jody does the moves into the crux sequence of "Aussie Rules" E1 5b (Finnish 6-)

I fell off this again and it pissed me off. I tried so hard as well, try the move and backing down to the semi rest a number of times. I still have the scabs on my hand to prove it, but the handjam method just ain't working. I did it in the end, after a couple of falls, of course. One effin' move and it's in the bag. So annoying. So next time - note to self, on the basis that I'm unlikely to have grown the necessary inches before, put the gear in and go straight for the layback - I swear that makes it 5c rather than 5b, but it's the only way I can reach the next hold.

Jari from SKIL wields the dreaded Hilt. Some unfeasibly technical crimpfest will no doubt be the result.

At least after my failure yet again at "Aussie Rules" I cruised "Mad Dogs and Englishmen". I did it last maybe two years ago and I remember thinking it was OK. Ever since then I have avoided going back on it just in case I had mis-remembered and actually it desperate. But it's not. It's maybe a bit "morpho" as Indian Creek climbers say - but at least if you have my width of fists, it's fine.

The SKIL crew take their lunch break very seriously

In comparison to my normal swig of water, squashed sarnie and half-melted snickers, these are clearly the dudes to climb with if you enjoy eating as much as sending. I was also doing some testing for UKC of some gear that C.A.M.P.'s UK distributors Allcord have sent me. For the first time ever I used tricams, much beloved by many American climbers, they have always been a bit "cult" within the UK scene. The bumpf that comes with them says specifically don't learn how to use them on the lead - but where is the challenge in that? Fortunately C.A.M.P. had also sent me a nice, sturdy and stylish looking helmet, to keep my noggin in one piece just in case my tri-cam experimentation went awry. It didn't fortunately, but I can't say that I was instantly sold on the tri-cam-thang. I think we have to get know each other a little better still.

After the climbers had headed off I stayed on in the area to camp for the night with my family. It was a beautiful evening; warm, still and you can even avoid the mozzies if you know where to camp.

The view from the campsite for the night

Your correspondent takes his second al fresco dip of the year. Still not very warm!

A family of divers, possibly red-throated but hard to say with binoculars, take a sunset paddle together

All quiet, nearly midnight

Northern Light - Finnish summer midnight


Anonymous said...

That last photo is stunning!

The other T

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

Thanks. It was a lovely evening. Just got the new Lofoten guide. Stunning, and dead proud to have our names in it even if I was just a long for the ride!

Quizbo said...

Wow, Toby... fantastic photos. Looks like a weekend of some serious soul cleansing. I assume this means you're back refreshed and with a clear head, cracking away at the PhD? :)

Guess Who said...

I'm impressed someone can be sober enough to take such a beautiful picture on Juhannus midnight! :D