Thursday, June 12, 2008

No Pizza

"Steaks - Pizzas - Burgers - Lunches"

It's not the most ambitious menu in the world is it? So you have to laugh when told inside that "we don't do pizza anymore". I revealed one secret last week about Finland - that the weather is really rather nice here, it's not all snowdrifts and polar bears. So tonight I'll reveal another, yet again something the tourist board won't tell you: Finnish food is pretty crap. If you are British you always have everyone tell you how bad British food is, except for now it is not true. Just about every pub in the country does food now, and in a lot of places it can be perfectly good. In Finland outside of the bigger towns, petrol stations are about it. Sure you can go to the one of two downtown Helsinki restaurants with Michelin stars and have great food, but your choice in 95 percent of the country is, well; steaks, (bad) pizza, burgers and a dubious salad bar that passes for "lunch". But if you're up for something really exotic, well, there is always kebab.

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