Thursday, June 26, 2008

Helsinki gets much bigger?

A screen grab, because I'm sure they'll notice the cock-up eventually. Click to go through to the story.

It would appear so - because according to the national broadcaster YLE - see above - the Porsche factory in Uusikaupunki is in Helsinki! Last time I looked Uusikaupunki was about 300 kms from Helsinki. More likely, who ever wrote the story is from Helsinki and has that problem that so many who are natives to capital cities have (as well as foreigners) of mixing it up with the rest of the country.

Yes, I'm English but I'm not from London, have never lived in London, don't particularly like London - and no, I've never met your bloody mate "Jim" from London!

As you can guess, us provincial types get upset by these sort of things.

2 hours later up-date: some one noticed the screw up and Uusikaupunki has moved back from Helsinki to residing in SW Finland which I'm sure the good people of Uusikaupunki are very pleased about.

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