Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Foreign Ministers Jogging

(Look for the blond dude in the white 'Finland' top and blue bottoms)
Word on the (foreign policy analysis) street (of downtown Helsinki), is that Finland's newish foreign minister is good sort; very sharp, friendly and unpretentious, hard working and ambitious. But he is not camera shy! So when one of my colleagues said today "oh! look out the window! The foreign minister is going for a jog", of course he wasn't just going for a jog, oh no. First, interviews with three film crews, then smiles for numerous photographers, and then what looks like the relatively-fit half of the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs jogging as well. I bet he's great fun at a party too!

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Jukka said...

This chap is a very, very shrewed operator. He can play the Finnish media and as a result the Finnish psyche like no other politician in Finland. The left still don't get it that this guy will sweep the floor with them.