Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Truckers: uniformly stupid or just led by idiots?

(image: YLE) So Finnish truckers intend to spoil all travelling Finns' holiday weekend by driving at 20 kmph on the motorways leading out of and around Helsinki to protest high fuel prices. And this will prove what exactly? That they're idiots mainly. The oil market isn't going to give a shit one way or another. All the people they hold up are also paying high oil prices not just in terms of petrol, but as the cost is fed through the supply chain into everything else you buy. So who are the truckers protesting too? It's like a small child throwing a tantrum because their birthday isn't for another six months. Deal with it, and don't take you're annoyance out on people who neither caused it nor can do anything to remedy it.

How would your average trucker feel if cyclists started letting their tyres down to protest when other lorry drivers don't give cyclists sufficient room? Doesn't seem a bad plan if they want to punish us for something we haven't done.


ed said...

i think the issue is tax - it is in the uk anyway. ie:'leaders, reduce the tax we pay on petrol now, or we strike forever.' It worked last time (2000ish) they did it in the uk too.

JAB said...

The slowing down of traffic ploy was called off after all the negative attention. So now the word on the street is that they instead will drive by the parliament building next wednesday. Too bad none of the parliament members will see them, as all the MEPs are on summer vacation...

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