Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What's wrong with the MCB?

I wrote a conference paper not long ago on the British State meeting political Islam that had quite a lot about the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) in it. I've been asked to submit a revised version of the paper for an academic journal which is very flattering, as it was essentially an elongated version of the type of stuff I tend to go on about here, but of course if must go through peer review so I'm not home and dry yet. Anyway Yahya Birt has written an excellent, brief and pithy piece on the MCB for Open Democracy - laying out it's limited achievements and numerous failings and structural weaknesses. If you're even vaguely interested in the new-ish British politics of "communities", it's well worth the few minutes it takes to read.


KGS said...
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KGS said...

I wonder if the MCB is losing its voice because it's not standing out above all the rest? One good way for the MCB to differentiate itself from all the other Muslim organizations in Britain, is for it to take a clear stand against SHARIA & Islamism.

Seeing that the MCB's own media secretary, Inayat Bunglawalah, tried to downplay a hate-crime
in which a Muslim beat up a priest from the St George-in-the-East church of Shadwell, East London, screaming: --You f***ing priest” and “this should not be a church, it should be a Mosque.”-- I cannot be to optimistic over the MCB's sincerity.

If the BCM organization has members in "very key" positions holding opinions such as these, what does that say for the rest of the organization that still hasn't uttered any kind of condemnation over their media secretary's dissembling?

KGS said...

Muslim Charter of Understanding

Trouble with the MCB

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

As they are a clearly an Islamist organisation they aren't likely to take a stand against Islamism!

KGS said...

I'm glad you see it like that...but the problem is..they are promoting themselves as a "moderates", which they clearly are not.

How to address that elephant in the room without being fingered as an "Islamophobe" must be THE "million Euro or pound question" for many a politician and analyst..right?