Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is this terrorism?

If a group or an individual target civilians with violence - say, Egyptian Islamist groups attacking fellow Egyptians because they are Coptic Christians - that would count as Jihadi terrorism I think most would agree. In which, case - what is this case?
An unemployed man accused of opening fire with a shotgun and killing two people at a Unitarian Universalist church apparently targeted the congregation out of hatred for its support of liberal social policies, police said Monday. (from AP)
Is it "Right-wing terrorism"?


Anonymous said...

come, come now... you of all people should know that "terrorism" is like the possession of "WMD". It's what other people do - particularly people who have darker skin and wear funny clothes. In the west we have crime sprees and strategic nuclear forces ;)

KGS said...

Anyone commiting politically inspired violence, especially when belonging to a group with a long term agenda...is a terrorist, regardless if they are right-wing, left-wing, religious, for animal rights or enviromental activists.