Sunday, July 06, 2008

Weekend Climbing

Sore hands. Yesterday: rough granite cracks and panicky finger jams - thinking I might fall off and not being convinced by the gear - taking chunks out my knuckles and heels of my palms. You can bleed like hell and it doesn't hurt at all when you're scared. The chalk quickly cakes in the cuts and stops the flow. Today bouldering. Pulling on little holds that I'm too fat to pull on, it's warm and the friction is shit and it just wrecks your skin on your tips. Try and do the washing up and the hot water hurts like hell, it's like you have holes in your hands right through to your nerves. I guess you do have holes in your hands. Lots of wild strawberries and bilberries in the woods though so it's all good.

Elina leads, Dianna belays

Dianna high up on the excellent "Varisuora" VS 4c

Your correspondent managing not fall off. Just.

Jody bouldering at Riistavuori

Pulling funny faces

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