Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Swearing on the "radio"

This blog was once told by a friend and commenter that if I want to swear, don't pretend I'm not doing so by using asterisks. My defence is that we're all more polite in public than we are in private amongst friends. Some years ago I was on a US radio show as a guest. The presenter, Chris Lydon, has an on-air persona of an eccentric, favourite uncle but as soon as the show finished, but whilst all us guest were still on the line, he reverted to what I presume is the normal way that Bostonians of Irish descent tend to express themselves - a rather more bracing usage of the language. It was amusingly shocking to hear people described as "total fucking idiots" and the like when you had gotten used to the regular, refined on-air persona!

Anyway - I'm a big fan of the Slate Political Gabest, which made this weeks show all the more fun as I suspect the unedited extra footage in the latter half is probably more like how Emily, David and John normally talk to each other!

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