Friday, July 18, 2008

Do Americans think they are Europeans?

I just heard Moises Naim, editor in chief of "Foreign Policy" magazine, remind NPR listeners that not everything that happens in the world is linked to the U.S. Presidential elections! It reminded me of this photo I snapped whilst going through immigration at Heathrow:

Presumably a significant number of U.S. passport holders wander up to the EU desks if they add a special note to tell them where they should go. So do the 'cousins' think they are in the EU? Or is it just that they would like to be? :-)


Quizbo said...

That's awesome... I'm guessing that an unpleasantly large number of Americans arriving into Heathrow for their first trip abroad probably don't even know what "EU" means when they reach this point.

Oh, and isn't it illegal to take photos in this part of the airport? I promise I won't tell the police if you agree to finish your thesis.

Ben said...

I was laughing at that sign in Gatwick only last week. I laughed even harder when an American woman in front of me in the EU passport queue had a small tantrum upon being told she'd waited in the wrong line.