Thursday, July 03, 2008

"Troofers" - David Shayler has gone nuts

"Troofers" - those who think 9/11 was a massive plot - they're an odd bunch aren't they? I think it is like a new form of spiritualism or ghost hunting - except for the oddly dull "troof" that they seek. Instead of being interested in what really produced 9/11: massive global trends of immense complexity, involving resurgent religious belief, transnational capital flows disturbing entire national economies, and the geopolitical rivalries of great and medium powers, they instead look for some ultimately rather insignificant crime - the owner of the WTC did it to make an insurance claim, or Cheney did it to increase the value of his Haliburton stock. It's so parochial and dreary, suggesting an exceedingly limited perspective.

Anyway, rising to the prominence in the British 9/11 (and now add in 7/7) truth movement in recent years, was David Shayler. For those who don't remember, Shayler was an ex-MI5 employee. Troofers would probably like me to say "agent" or "operative", but ultimately he was a civil servant and a desk officers so not very James Bond. Shayler left the Security Service, blabbed to the media a bit about stupid political stuff MI5 had done in the past, got into trouble for it, ran off to France, got sent back and went to prison for a bit. Then he decided 9/11 was all a conspiracy, and later that 7/7 was as well. A low point was Shayler attacking Rachel North, who was in one of the bombed trains on 7/7, as being an MI5 disinformation agent or some such shit - Jon Ronson called him out on this and you can hear how it went on This American Life (not very American, I know)., where I hang-out too much, has its own little band of troofers, they always link to videos on google vids - presumably because reading taxes them too much - these videos are meant to convince us of something - aliens did it, controlled explosions were set of by remote control monkeys or some such. Anyway, they reminded me of Shayler, so I googled him and it appears that last year Shayler went sort of mad, and not just lovably eccentric. No, rather totally fucking nuts - "I'm the messiah, come to save the world" mad. Poor chap.


Anonymous said...

"Rachel North, who was in one of the bombed trains on 7/7"

Prove it.

Anonymous said...

Disprove it. The burden of proof lies with you.

Anonymous said...

Why did WTC 7 collapse without being hit by a plane?

How did jet fuel melt steel?

Where are the flight recorders?

How did they come up with the "culprits" so quickly?

How come if a plane really hit the pentagon there was no wreckage?

How come if the supposed hijackers from the famous photos are correct, that several of them are still alive and well?

Why did none of the 19 hijackers appear on the passenger lists?

How did the only physical evidence linking Mohamed Atta to the attacks; his alleged passport, survive to be plucked out of the debris at ground zero?

How did Osama bin Laden, from a cave in Afghanistan get norad to stand down? Why did it take F15 jets over an hour to scramble and intercept the highjacked planes?

How did the hijackers change the flight plan without law enforcement or the military try to stop them?

How did Bin laden persuade the NSA CIA and FBI to consistently ignore the many warnings they recieved relating to major terrorist attacks leading up to the event?

How extensive was the relationship between the Taliban, the ISI and the CIA?

When was it decided to cancel building a pipeline from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to Pakistan?

Why were the bin Ladens flown out of the U.S. on private jets the day after the 9/11?

Anonymous said...

Are you a professional researcher? Or debunker? Truthfully you appear not to excel at either..

There are still hundreds of unanswered questions relating to 9/11 the above being just a small selection.

The flimsy motives you attempt to project as those "Troofers" believe lay behind the false flag 9/11 event are half hearted at best.

Your brief diagnosis is pure techno babble and reads like something I would have written in my freshman year about globalisation.

Although touted as the richest nation on earth the US government is effectively bankrupt due to its massive budget defecit, loaning billions of dollars every year from China just to pay off interest on its debts to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The oil is running out and the US makes payments of 400 billion dollars to Saudi Arabia every year just to satisfy currentlevels of consumption.

In early September 2001, the US was looking down the barrel of the most severe recession in living memory. The dotcom bubble crash brought keenly into focus the dislocation caused by outsourcing and the true cost incurred by decimation of its manufacturing base.

America was no longer competitive compared to emerging asian markets due to restrictive trade agreements that had undermined the US economy.

Its gargantuan military industrial complex was struggling to justify massive government subsidies and even its continued existence due to the end of the cold war.

President George W. Bush had effectively seized the Whitehouse after a scandalous election mired by voter fraud in brother Jeb Bush's state of Florida.

Neo conservative ideologues, influenced by think tanks such as the Project for a New American Century, were keenly aware of these facts. As well as the apathy of the American public to politics generally and in particular towards another war in the Middle East.

Any such war would rightly be seen as a war for oil on behalf of the military industrial complex to block inroads being made by China and Russia across the region.

In their view the only way to halt Americas swift decline would be a "new pearl harbour" that could be used to unite the public behind the neo-conservative banner on its new crusade.

Langley trained bin Laden and the other Jihadis from 1979 funding them largely through the ISI, in effect the Pakistan branch of the CIA.

While I agree that David Shayler is a nut he is probably just another plant.

When he first went "rogue" he set himself up as a serious dissident and researcher in the UK and managed to build a following around himself. Mostly drawn from people genuinely seeking to find answers about the actions of our criminal government.

How typical that he should now utterly sabotage his own credibility David Icke style, thereby tainting all those associated with him.

As for 7/7? Just one name, Peter Power.