Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who Brits should probably not vote for on June 4th

Euro elections are a comin'! It really isn't a very opportune time in the UK where politicians' stock has fallen further than at any point before due to the great expenses scandal of 2009. Minor parties were probably always going to do well in the Euros, as people all seem to vote on the basis the national situation, not the European one, but in the UK currently this effect is likely to be amplified. Protests votes are all well and good - but think about what you are voting for as well as what you are voting against. UKIP MEPs, on top of being nutters, seem to have tendency of actually managing to be more corrupt than all the MPs back in Westminster. Meanwhile the BNP might be trying to redefine themselves as the saviours of the working class, but remain the nasty racists they have always been.

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Tim Stevens said...

Funnily enough, I've just posted off my registration form for the Euro elections. I have no idea yet who I'm going to vote for but it will be a tactical decision designed solely to try and prevent the BNP from getting a foothold in this part of London. I've heard a worrying amount of pro-BNP pub talk of late. In fact, one of their local leading lights, Richard Barnbrooke, drinks in my local. Apparently, he's a "lovely feller". Go figure.