Friday, May 29, 2009

Dumb Helsinki cycle paths #3

If you can't find anywhere else to park, or are just too lazy to walk from a parking spot a bit further away, there is lots of space to leave your car or truck on the cycle path system of greater Helsinki! It's easy - just park in the middle of the cycle path and totally ignore any feelings of being an anti-social and selfish dickwad who puts other people's safety at risk! Presumably you're too thick to have much of conscience anyway?

If you have a big enough truck you can score the double whammy of making both cyclists AND pedestrians walk in the traffic! Score triple if the pedestrian is parent pushing a pram!

This truck is blocking both the cycle path and the view of people waiting at the tram stop making them walk into the street to see if the tram is coming. Well done - you are a jerk of the highest order! (We will get on to the brightness of putting trams stops on cycle paths at a later date...)

If you had parked a bit further over mate, you could have covered the cycle path markings, and this photo wouldn't have been nearly as good!

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