Thursday, May 28, 2009

European Cooperation - isn't it nice that we all get along?

It's a funny thing, but until yesterday I don't think I had heard of the Czech nationalist political party Národni Strana, and then they're suddenly popping up everywhere. In Finland today it is reported that the slightly odd, but quite successful, Finnish heavy metal cello band Apocalyptica (yes - cellos!) are going to take Národni Strana to court. The Czech nationalists had, without permission or payment, been using some Apocalyptica music in their adverts. Apocalyptica - despite the slightly dodgy heavy metal look - are obviously sound lads and put out the following statement:
This is an official statement by the band about the illegal use of our song 'Path' in a tv and internet commercial in the Czech Republic. Apocalyptica always supports minorities, stands up for human rights, respects every human being, no matter their colour, ethnic background or religion, worldwide. Apocalyptica also supports the idea of a united Europe and the European Union. We hope it is a clear statement that we would never allow the Czech Republican party Národni Strana to use any of our music.
Having your music nicked must be annoying, but the band is particularly narked that the music was used in a now infamous advert by the party where they call for the "Final Solution" to the Czech Republic's gypsy problem. The final solution turns out to be 'only' the deportation of all Czech gypsies to India. The leader of the party is Petra Edelmannova; here she is in the picture below with Nick Griffin leader of the BNP. She was going to come and enjoy some good ole' English hospitality at the BNP's Red, White and Blue festival last summer, but unfortunately it seems couldn't make it in the end. But there is lots of news and pic about her friends in the UK on the Národni Strana website.

She did though make it to Cologne recently, for the Pro-Köln get-together. Here she is with Filip Dewinter of Vlaams Belang and Markus Beisicht of Pro-Köln.

Petra and Filip seem to be good mates, as Dewinter has a different picture of them holding hands on his own website:

She's young, she's smart - what's not to love (beyond the expulsion of people who don't fit your sense of ethnic purity obviously)? To quote one commentator: "the young party leader is seen as one of the future hopes for a modern patriotic party with a European orientation." Presumably, she just didn't tell Vlaams Belang about her final solution for the 'blacks' because they wouldn't want anything to do with those type of nasty race-based politics. Oh, hang on a minute...


KGS said...

Point is that the VB associates with EVERY party they can find - they are eclectic in their tastes. Excluding the VERY far right and far left, but they'll hang out with liberals too.

When you're separated by a cordon sanitaire, you find friends where you can. All the more reason for eliminating the cordon sanitaire on the VB from the point of view of mainstream parties, since VB is gathering support (or we'll find out this June if they are).

Oh and once again, there are prominent voices within the SDP anc Communist parties throught the EU that would leap at the chance to deal with Hezbollah and Hamas...which doesn't bode well with the SDP's image as a moderate political force.

On only a has to look at Kristin Halvorsen from the Norwegian Socialist Left Party, as a government minister hanging out with people shouting "death to Jews".

I guess it's how you choose to look at things huh Toby? :-)

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

So once again, your point is that the 'other side' is nasty too. Fine. Nasty VB, Nasty Norwegians. Nasty all around. But I've never supported the Norwegian Socialist Left party. They don't speak for me, and I'm part of no organisation that gets support from them. I'm sure I wouldn't agree with them on many things.

But you keep supporting VB. I accept that Dewinter's "Vlaams Blok stands for a white Flanders, Vlaams Blok stands for a white Europe" rant was a long time ago, but then again in February this year he was interviewed and said:

Interviewer: Your infamous 70-step plan of 1992 [proposals for the immigration problem] was fully adapted to the collective return of immigrants [to their home countries]. What has changed since then in your thinking?Dewinter: In my thinking nothing has changed, society has changed. Since then we are almost two decades further along. And that means that a large group of people are growing up as second or third generation [of immigrants]. For a large number of them it is an illusion to think that they will ever return. The situation has evolved, but unfortunately not in the positive sense, anyway. But our principles have remained the same.If the Counter-Jihad said "we're not racists but we have to cooperate and support racist parties because they agree with us on some things" - then fair enough. People can make of that what they wish. But if you keep making excuses for racists, then people will wonder if your intentions are as honourable as claimed.

So a simple question - do you agree with the Gates of Vienna in calling the leader of the party that wants a 'final solution' of the expulsion of some citizens based on their ethnicity: "the future hopes for a modern patriotic party with a European orientation"?

KGS said...

The thing is Toby, you are more than prepared (as it seems) to look the other way while Leftists steer Europe into oblivion, (SDP:ers and the rest) but find huge problems with VB officials for wanting to break away and live with other Flems...and that means with different ethnicities who have managed to intergrate themselves into Flemish society.

The Counter-jihad has been quite clear from the beginning that one can't be all together picky on alliances, but racism is not a quality for membership.

If you want to know what Baron Bodissey means by his statements, please notify him and I'm sure that he will qualify his remarks.

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

"The Counter-jihad has been quite clear from the beginning that one can't be all together picky on alliances, but racism is not a quality for membership."

I can just see the humorous wall hangings in a jaunty font: "you don't have to be a racist to work here but it helps!" ;-)

The Baron was quite clear what he meant, I just wondered if you disagreed with him about a gypsy basher being a "future hope" for Europe? From what you've said in the past, such as correctly defining the BNP as knuckle-draggers, I didn't think you would have any truck with such people.

KGS said...

Quid pro quo time Toby.

Are you in agreement with your boss, Väyrynen silent approval that only non-Muslims can be anti-semitic? That's how I took it, or perhaps he was being a weak snivling academic.

But then given the number of researchers in your organization that are jumping at the bit to talk with genocidal religious supremacissts...I can be forgiven if I deem the UPI as a totally unreliable entity.

As you said: "I can just see the humorous wall hangings in a jaunty font: "you don't have to be a racist to work here but it helps!" ;-)

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

I wasn't there and don't know what was said, and you're still changing the subject. Do you agree with the Baron over the gypsy 'final solution' lady being a future hope for Europe?

KGS said...

I'm not changing the subject, I'm just pointing out your hypocrisy when it comes to nefarious statements and those who we know are in some way connected to them, as well as political-media-academic elite's acceptance and practice of humanitarian racism.

Anyways, your boss, Raimo Väyrynen, has never offered any indication publically, that he rejects OIC Sec-Gen Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu's highly bigotted words about non-Musims, and 1.3 billion Muslims being exhonerated from having anti-semitic tendancies.

He was given a chance on his own blog at his own UPI blog where I commented about it. He chose not to reply. So I take his "once again silence" about it as a public admission until proven otherwise.

And believe me, if he ever goes on the record as rejecting Ihsanoglu's statement, THAT will become news in the blogosphere, as well as at the Simon Weisenthal Center who know all about this incident.

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

"I'm not changing the subject,"

You definitely haven't answered the question though.

KGS said...

Neither have you...and I'm definately close to drawing conclusions from it.

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

Come now Kenneth - this is getting a bit childish. You want me to answer something, about something not said, by someone I work with, somewhere at an event that I wasn't at? Okey dokey. Despite that a couple of days ago I said to you "For what it is worth, I suspect your opinion of what's-his-name [Ihsanoglu] from the OIC was largely correct. The OIC have long defended human rights abusing regimes within their membership." Draw from that what conclusions you like.

Now you have been defending the Counter-Jihad saying it has nothing to do with racism. So is you CJ colleague right about Edelmannova being a hope for Europe - considering the racist positions of her party? All I'm asking is what you think of the NS? Your CJ colleague obviously has the right to express whatever opinion he wants - good for him. I simply asked if you agree? Presumably not from what you've said in the past?

KGS said...

Toby, call it childish if you like, but you are not answering the question either. You know as well as I, silence by someone over a highly biggoted statement issued by another who's sitting on the same panel.... can be understood as being in agreement with it.

Just reverse the roles and see how you would be jumping at the chance to ask "Does Filip Dewinter actually agree with the racist statements of the person he was on the platform with, I have yet to hear no condemnation"...

As for the seminar, you were not there but I was...if I didn't take the film....the world would not have known about it and it would have been a "he said she said debate. Long live the internet.

Your boss has had plenty of opportunity to publically repudiate his racist guest. Funny that world's largest Muslim racist organization has no "cordon sanitaire" placed upon it, with RED CARPETS being rolled out for them, and all the laughs and smiles and little jokes seen being tossed about. It was enough to puke over.

So I will admit as much that: I disagree strongly with the idea (deporting gypsies to India is idiotic anyway), and that Capitalism is the best cure for racism ever invented. Everyone playing along with basic rules of private property, respect for the individual and freedom of conscience can be fine citizens in our countries. Gypsies are known to have problems with the private property, Muslims use intimidation towards their women and to quell freedom of conscience.

The GOV does not, to my knowledge, support any such ideas, and the Czech lady is the one to challenge over them, not a lot of other people.

I'll state once more that I hate all forms of racism, bigoty and hypocrisy, racism and bigotry are fundamentally stupid and anti-liberal (classical sense), which is mostly found in the Leftist camp, which I include in the same toxic swamp...all brands of socialists, from international to the national.

Now Toby, please deliver your understanding of Ol'Väyrynen's silly actions, whether he actually agreed with Ihsanoglu's statements, and whether he should condemn them or not.


Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

"if I didn't take the film....the world would not have known about it" and if the institute hadn't hosted the event you never would have had a chance to let him condemn himself with his own words.

I don't think that not saying anything should be taken as supporting someones views, although obviously silence can be complicity at a certain point and it is a question of conscience where that point is. Again, I wasn't there - so I don't know. Why I wanted to push you is that the the G.O.V. lauded Edelmannova, and that is someone you normally agree with.

But thank you for clearly point out your position on Edelmannova differs from some other people in the CJ. I can respect that.

KGS said...

Unbelievable play of logic Toby, totally unbelievable, are you really being serious with that response. Giving state credibility to an open racist, is worthwhile on the chance of a small time blogger with a camera happens to be there to capture the racist making bigotted statements.

How inspiring.

Falling back to the default position that " I wasn't there so I don't know" is pathetically transparent. Since you refuse to answer the question, I then must come to the conclusion that my point is well taken, and that political big wigs in power, especially when they enjoy the good graces of the Leftist politically correct....can indeed entertain racists and bigots.

I appreciate you helping me prove my point. The whole mess smells to high heaven, and proves to me that Socialism/ists of every stripe (from Communists to Neo-Nazis and everything in between) are a bane to society and worth exposing and for all to see. The sooner we get rid of socialism, the better, for the Neo-nazi socialists need the Socialist dems and Communists and vice versa in order to validate their destructive existence.

And now we have Islam to contend with, ....great.

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

Well I'm glad I've managed to help you out on your mission. Meanwhile we now know that only some in the Counter Jihad openly support racists. So it's been a productive day all round eh?

KGS said...

Proof in point, Jose Manuel Durao Barroso was a passionate Maoist in the 70's and now he's the presindent of the EU. Un-f*'ng-believable

KGS said...

You can spin it any which way you can..but one thing is for SURE, the UPI and the Finnish political elite as well thorought the EU are more than cozy with admitted racists and bigots. That's for sure.

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

It looks like everyone has a pet racist then - it must be this seasons must have accessory. It's just that your comrades are openly supporting them on their blogs.

David Horowitz used to be a passionate Marxist and supporter of the black panthers in the 60s. Does that stop you reading Frontpage mag? Anyway, I'm not a fan of Barroso - he's too right wing for me. :-)

KGS said...

You more than likely felt that way before our conversation Toby, be honest here.

Besides, he more than likely means that that she is indeed the future of Europe unless the mainstream parties start solving the problems, and turn harmful mass immigration of Muslim into Europe around into something more reasonable.

Ask him yourself