Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hesari Int. - still can't work the spell checker...

I've moaned twice before, but clearly no one is listening. Anyway, today was a real corker for typos and other stupid mistakes in Helsingin Sanomat International. One article has a duplicate word in its title of all places!
"Come study with us and you can use use a laptop for free!"
Then the article on the Finnish responses to the Georgian crisis manages two typos in one article:
"The first time such a meeting was called over the Georgian conflict was some two weks ago, on the initiative of President Tarja Halonen..."
"Even though he does not believe the NATO option is a topical one, he does not think there is any reasno to compromise on the subject."
And then in the piece on the Finnish OSCE observers they call them "
military observers of the Conference of Security and Cooperation in Europe", it has been the Organisation of... not the Conference of... for a good couple of decades now - hence OSCE, not CSCE. I'm sure there was another typos as well somewhere that I can't find now, but basically that's what I noticed in five minutes of reading through.

Firefox spellchecks everything I write here automatically, I presume a national newspaper might be able to find something similar?!

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