Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jaanankallio: Blackadder Wall

Helsinki region climbers, are you tired of the same old holds? Want something new? Still haven't been able to manage any of the 7a-s and harder? Then - just for you, the all new "Blackadder Wall" at Jaanankallio! Five new routes: four reasonably graded sports climbs from F5- to F6b+, and a trad climb of Finnish 4+. It's fun for all the family!

Jody has done yeoman's work cleaning the muck off and bolting, with a lot of assistance from Simon and a bit from me. Not only did Jody scrub and drill, he's also made this rather nifty topo below. So print yourself a copy and then go and enjoy. And if anyone doesn't know where Jaanankallio is, all the info you need is here.

Click on the topo and you'll get a largish jpeg. Hopefully that will be readable once printed. If anyone has an idea where I could up load the Jody's original PDF, and then have the link to it here, please let me know.

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ed said...

how are you getting on with that phd of yours?! :)