Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Walk at Salmijärvi, Nuuksio

No climbing this weekend, but some hiking pictures instead. Either my colour blindness is miraculously getting better or due to something to do with the cool, wet summer the colours of the trees seem really impressive this year. The pictures were, except the first couple, taken today in the Salmi recreational area, which is at the northern end of Nuuksio National Park.

Crazy colours in the garden

Not sure what these berries are called in English, but they make good jam

Birches and blue skies

On the 5 km walking trail at Salmijärvi

Poikkipuolinen - time to light a fire and cook some sausages

Yellow sycamores and a little cottage

Autumn colours


Late afternoon in the southern Finnish countryside

Hope you enjoyed. A normal service of musings on global mayhem and political idiocy will resume shortly.

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