Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Reach Out" 6- (E1 5b) - Reventeenvuori

The following video is 'from the archive' and shows the first ascent of the climb in the post title. This is mainly here for Tony, and for our mutual commiseration, as we have now both fallen off the route just around where Jody is in the clip.

"Reach Out" 6- (E1 5b) from Toby A. on Vimeo.

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Tony and Anni said...

Thank you for that Toby. Doesn't he look calm! I had gear right at the back of the roof on a 60cm extender and had blindly placed a small cam where Jody had his left hand. I then tried to layback up this way and fell ripping out the cam. Anni reported that I landed with my helmet half a metre below the lower roof. It was, as you would say, "a proper fall".

I notice that you've upgraded the route to E1. That seems pretty OK with me, it is harder many E1s that I've climbed. I suggest that if the weather is OK, you and I have an appointment with "Reach Out" the weekend after next.