Monday, March 12, 2007

Bullingdon Club Matching Pairs

At least a few minutes ago I was top of the leader board for the lowest number of flips to find Boris, Dave and their mates on the Bullingdon Club Matching Pairs game. There is a minute and a half of my life that I'll probably regret wasting when I'm lying on my death bed, but I bet you still want to see if you can beat me don't you?

More on Bullingdon for those who don't know.


KGS said...

I only managed to come in second on lowest number of flips. Thanks for helping me waste 2 min of my time. :-)

Akinoluna said...

Can't seem to find your email address so I'll put this here...would you be interested in two tickets to Shakira's concert Wednesday night? Or know someone who would? We seem to have some extra around here...

I came in first with 48 flips. Yeah, I couldn't resist.