Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hurrah for Ireland! Happy St. Patrick's

I'm not a big cricket fan but underdog stories are always the best, and as underdogs go Ireland vs. Pakistan is about as far under as it gets. Think Portugal beating Finland at ice hockey. In fact think Senegal beating Finland at ice hockey. The BBC reports:
Ireland produced one of the greatest victories in cricket's rich history by beating Pakistan on St Patrick's Day amid unbelievable tension in Jamaica. Led by their brilliant wicket-keeper batsman Niall O'Brien, they reached a rain-adjusted target of 128 with three wickets remaining in near darkness.

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ed said...

i can't believe you're talking about the cricket when what we all really want to know about is the latest on the 'better than a baked potato' affair of your most senior politician... it has made headlines everywhere but not here.. why? what have you got against root veg?