Friday, March 23, 2007

DJ Besho

So the FT isn' t the most likely place to find tips for cutting edge hip hop, but I just read an article in their weekend magazine on DJ Besho, Afghanistan's preeminent MC. As ever, he's already on YouTube:

I think the song is called "Shoma Afghanistan" ("You're an Afghan") and if you listen carefully you can hear him name check all the provinces of the country. According to the FT it's a song about peace and an end to fighting between Afghan brothers. He's got the Hummer in the video - of course - (actually - there are Hummer's in Afghanistan that aren't full of US squaddies?!) but no women. As Besho told the FT: "In Kunduz there were more than 1,000 people in the audience but no women. This is a problem for Afghanistan". I don't think he means just at hip hop concerts.

Nevertheless there is something quite heartwarming about, pro-peace Pashtun hip-hop.

In your best Westwood accent: No doubt, no doubt. Maximum respect to DJ Besho. Peace, out.

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