Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hello from London

I'm writing this in London on my mate's iBook, looking out from his window towards Canary Warf, the Millenium Dome and Greenwich. The sky is blue and it's faintly like being in an American movie set in London where the characters always have a perfect backdrop of the city's skyline behind them. When you're not from London, there's always something a bit surreal about being here, knowing it so well from film and television. My limited experience of New York is exactly the same. Its very still and quiet up here near Blackheath, there are parrotkeets flying about outside and a very healthy looking fox was trotting past us last night as we walked back from the pub. Planes flying above towards Heathrow are about the only reminders that I'm in a city of 7 million.

Anyway, I'm on my way back to Finland having spent the last few days at Wilton Park (see picture) at a fascinating conference. I'll write about that more in the future, but this is more to just show I haven't given up blogging or been kidnapped by space aliens.

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eddd! said...

i'm glad you ahd a loveky time! i'm sitting in the same room after a day at he office and a wquick trip to the pub after work. just another day in parakeet paradise!