Thursday, November 09, 2006

My 15 minutes of fame

Radio Open Source have put up the audio file of the show on which I was a guest last night. You should be able to listen by clicking on this link. I'm only on in the latter third of the programme. I was really rather nervous to start off with and say "umm", "errr" and " know..." (the last one making me sound scarily like Blair doing his 'man of the people' style) far more than a professional would, but I survived and I think I got my point across. Being on a phone line also puts you at a disadvantage over the studio guests as it is harder to cut in to have your say.

I should say that if any of the Radio Open Source crew are reading this: you completely messed up my thursday! I got to bed a 4am and didn't get up until nearly noon. :-)

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