Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Branson: fake beard alert

Tycoon and generally-perceived-by-many-as-all-round-nice-guy Richard Branson is back in the headlines dissing Rupert Murdoch for controlling British Democracy through his media power. Two things strike me about this, the first is a minor point of logic and the second possibly a scoop of world shattering importance.

1) If Murdoch has this total power over the way we all think through his control of the media - why he is he so universally loathed? And if Sir Richard is a plucky little resistance fighter desperately struggling to get the voice of the people heard on corporate dominated media, why is it that everyone seems to think he's such a sound chap? Shouldn't Murdoch have corrupted our minds against him already? See that? I used words like "plucky" and "struggling" - you lot like words like that, so subconsciously start to accept my way of putting the argument. Sneaky eh? It's called "framing". For next my trick I will take control of your mind. Good. Now give me all your money.

2) And this is the important bit - I was listening to Sir Richard discussing this on the BBC business news this morning and was hit by a sudden and scary realisation: he sounds exactly like Tony Blair! Right down to the I'm-just-an-ordinary-bloke "err"s and "y'know"s that he employs. I've always thought that beard looked fake (see right). So I think we deserve to know has anyone ever seen Branson and Blair in the same room at the same time?!


Jonah said...

I have given over all my money as instructed. And a jolly good thing it was too.

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

Excellent! My evil plan begins to work. >:)

Anonymous said...

Reference your first point about how universally loathed Murdoch is: he doesn't care whether people like him, he just wants them to buy his products (which they do) and to believe the messages which he sends out via the media he controls in a not-very-subtle attempt to increase sales of his products. Last time I looked, "Rupert Murdoch is a lovely man" didn't feature prominently in the Times, but "the BBC is a corrupt institution draining the public's money against their will without giving them the entertainment they want" did.

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

Absolutely. I don't mean to defend him. Murdoch is nothing if not a flexible businessman: