Saturday, October 28, 2006

Caption Competition

I was just looking at the photo of Tony Snow in the last post from earlier in the week - that's a caption competition just waiting to happen isn't it?

On the basis of the recent "no brainer" comment from Vice President Cheney on whether torturing people is a good thing or not (a comment he is now trying to weasel out of) I think perhaps Mr Snow is saying "the President is only going to put him this far under just to remind him not to do it again before the elections..."

Alternative suggestions are most welcome in the comments.


KGS said...

In all honesty, the no-brainer remark could be defended if Cheney really wants to, since "water boarding doesn't involve any "dunking", a rag is shoved into the mouth with water added to induce the feeling of drowning.

I would however, settle for a clear listing of what the US is willing to do(available to select members of the Senate Intelligence Committee) to terrorists to obtain needed info in a hurry. "The buck would stop" with the US President who would sign off on a specific cohersive measure.

I trust that you realize just how politicized the term "torture" is. Until the term becomes less subjective and is defined in clear terms, I believe it's disengenuous of some to use the term as a "battering ram" against doing anything to obtain intell that involves cohersive measures.

Or what? :-)

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

So if someone made you think you were drowning again and again until you gave up your bank account details you wouldn't describe that as torture?