Saturday, October 21, 2006

Keeping strong for the post-apocalyptic world

An ordinary climbing wall?

So what's with all the ventilation and water pipes then?

And my! Those are some rather thick doors! What could they be to keep out?

Access to the climbing wall - via a 500 mtr long tunnel into the bedrock.

The entrance: yes, it's a climbing wall in your friendly, neighbourhood, nuclear fallout shelter! Surely one of the odder places to have a wall? The climbers of Finland are keen, not even nuclear holocaust isn't going stop them from sending their projects.


ed said...

I am worried about the size of the firemen in Finland (pic 4).Or are they nuclear workers, or is that just radiation glowing in the dark from kicking through the Aspen leaves outside? Is it a nuclear-bunker ommpaloompa? Can I take one home?

ed said...

In fact he is there in pic 5 as well. He looks like he is in charge. Perhaps he is getting ready to tell those climby blokes to clear off. Or maybe he has just lost his fishing boat and is looking for a lift back to the dockside from a friendly wheelchair-using motorist. Perhaps he is looking for his copy of the Economist. Maybe he's just come outside for a cigarette break. What is he doing in all these pictures? Was he your guide into the nuclear underworld?