Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Vote 138 on Sunday!

If you are in Finland and still thinking about who to vote for on Sunday in the European Parliament elections - or even if you had already decided - I urge you to consider supporting Charly Salonius Pasternak - no. 138. My main reason to vote for Charly is because he is a good mate; but he's a good mate because I respect him for being a friendly, sensible, grounded and decent bloke - and that's a good start for being a politician. He is standing for the Swedish People's Party (SFP) (the party traditionally supported by Finland's Swedish speaking minority) but he is no party hack, finding instead that the SFP's moderate centerism and membership of the Liberal bloc in the European Parliement suited him.

Charly is an expert on peacekeeping, crisis management and other international military operations and on trans-Atlantic relations. He has past experience in the business world, military and has lived around the world, including a considerable time in the US. He has impeccable liberal sympathies in the best European (dare I say Scottish?) sense and would make an excellent MEP who can balance Finland's interests in the EU with the EU's wider interests at the community level.

Vote for Charly, he'll do a good job.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good Toby, you're always full of good ideas. If only he had a website that worked so we could actually enjoy his intellect.

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

Links are working fine for me at the moment. When did you try?