Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grigris, chunky quickdraws, and aching shoulders

Some pictures of Lammi, a sports climbing cliff on the road between Lahti and Tampere from Saturday. An impressive cliff but not that great for untalented low- to mid-grade punters such as myself! Just about everything overhangs slightly, and I hate overhangs. But still it is well bolted so if you are sensible you shouldn't get into too much trouble. :-)

Käpylehmä 6a - the supposed warm up route. Well too hard for me to warm up on besides by continually falling off it. Here Tony puts in a much better effort to get the redpoint.

Käpylehmä again, Simon's turn.

Tony on Otepää, a rather classy 6b that goes up the middle of the cliff.

Oddly I actually found the moves on this easier than on the 6a, but it only overhangs a tiny bit so suits me more. Tony came pretty close to onsighting it and got it on his first redpoint attempt.

Otepää again.

The upper reaches of Otepää.

We also went and did our duty of patronising the Cafe la Rosa in Lammi town centre. Even if I was pretty hopeless at the climbing, I fully support the idea of a cliff where in the interest of maintaining a good access situation you have to eat homemade donuts and drink coffee in a café.


Tony said...

Somehow you missed your completely on-sight attempt at a recently cleaned route at Havukallio. This involved Toby spotting a line that wasn't in the guidebook and just going for it in true mountaineering spirit without knowing how hard it was.

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

The important word there being "attempt" though! Not "ascent". :-)

I found out it is called Potkan Kesä.