Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good Helsinki cycle paths #1 - Central Park

I have been getting excessively annoyed (see post below) by the dumb cycle paths this last week: pedestrians walking in the cycle lane, cycle salmons: those who can't stay on their side of the path, cars refusing to stop at crossing, car transport lorries parking on cycle paths and the general annoyances of urban cycling, so on Friday decided to ride the whole way home through Helsinki's central park and the countryside strip to its north that cuts through urban Vantaa. It's not actually that much further, and although it is mainly gravel paths not tarmac, not that much slower. And there are just less irritating 'other people', so really I should ride this route more often and keep my moany, anti-social self away from the civilised folk.

Normally I'm listening to current affairs podcasts on my iPod when riding but on Friday I just put on the 'my top rated' play list and I'm sure I rode much faster as a result, spinning hard to my favourite tunes. Anyway the video is just to prove to myself, as much as anyone else, that I can appreciate the good things in life - in this case quiet, well-made, forest cycle tracks - as well as moan about the bad. And for anyone who doesn't know Helsinki - it's kind of cool that you can find these kind of areas in a city of a million people, isn't it?

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