Thursday, June 18, 2009

Billy few mates goes to Brussels

The Times reports on the newly elected BNP MEPs visiting Brussels to get things started. They haven't found enough support yet to form a grouping within the European Parliament; the Italian Northern League MEPs seem to be wisely steering well clear of them, along with Wilders and co from Holland and the Danish Peoples Party. But according to Nick Griffin, they have agreed to cooperate with the Hungarian Jobbik (and who wouldn't want to cooperate with a party so cool that it has its own militia with armbands, boots and everything?), the Bulgarian Attack Party and Belgium's Vlaams Belang. Are we seeing a pattern forming here?


KGS said...

"Agreed to cooperate" means didley squat, the Times has nothing more substantial that?

But I do know of US & European politicians (like Jimmy Carter and ilk) openly wanting to rub elbows with genocidal religiou supremacists.

First things first Toby!

Jonas G said...

Also, interestingly one of the Centre Party's Europarliamentarians Hannu Takkula has jumped off of the Liberal Democrat group in the EU parliament and joined the new right-wing conservative group formed by UK conservative party, the Poles and Czechs. This is a group to the right of the European People's Party in which Kokoomus sit! Odd stuff. The other Kepu MEPs are staying with the liberals.

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

Yes - we were talking about Takkula yesterday for exactly that reason. My Euro Parliament expert mate was saying it is really rare for someone to sit in a different party grouping to the rest of his domestic party. The British Tories were pretty desperate to find people from other countries as they had enough MEPs to form a group themselves, but you need to have representatives of five different member states to qualify as a party group.