Monday, February 02, 2009

Very belated New Year cycling geekdom post

I just realised I forgot to do an end of year how-many-kms-have-I-ridden-this-year post at the New Year as I have in past years. So here it is I yet again failed to quite do 3000 kms but got reasonably close with 2,730 kms, and I beat the 2006 record by a couple of hundred kms and the 2007 record by a massive 22 kms!

If any eagle-eyed readers notes the figures above don't add up to 2730 kms that is because I reset the odometre when I got my new bike last summer - so I had already done 1400 by August.

Here is a few bit of phone video of the some of the first 100 kms I've now ridden of 2009.

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