Sunday, February 15, 2009

A pictures tells a few dozen words

Toby (me) climbing, Simon belaying and thanks to Tony for snapping.


nikko said...

Nice picture!
Were any of the other lines on?

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

Hi N! How are you? All well I hope. Oddly the other line that we all climbed two years back wasn't there at all, but there were a couple of vertical pillars on the far right, unlike just one two years back.

All the southern venues seem a bit skinny considering the consistent weather we've had. My guess is that cold snap after Xmas when there was still no snow meant the water has frozen in ground and isn't seeping down the cliffs too much. There should be lots of water after a wet autumn. Valkeala had great ice, so there I reckon there was some snow insulating the ground when the very cold snap came, meaning more water has been seeping since.

BTW, I still have two of your screwgates and a long tape sling! They have been very carefully stored in my gear box for the last two years. I think I've 'borrowed' the krabs a couple times - Norway last year because I was on a lightweight freakness binge and I figure by borrowing yours I would save about 15 grammes over some of my older lockers, but besides that they've been safely stored! :-) Do you want to join us? I'm not climbing next weekend, but the one after that I'm sure we'll be going out again.


Jonas said...


Saw that you got a little bit of fame when you were quoted both in HS and in Hufvudstadsbladet. :)