Thursday, February 26, 2009

Empty tram

I've found free public wireless whilst sitting a bus stop in downtown Helsinki. This would be cool if it wasn't midnight, cold, damp and I hadn't just come direct from the office, and I wasn't still desperately writing trying to hit a deadline for tomorrow. So actually blogging from a bus stop in the sleet is kinda sad. But hurray for Helsinki public WLAN.


Yrjö said...

An empty trams all well and good but what about the ice climbing in Revetenvouri?

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

A little bit disappointing. The steep pillars weren't formed fully. The very talented/mad could probably lead them, but every one else would have to struggle on a top rope. We did one easy icefall in the middle next to the rope down route, one mixed groove at the very far left of the crag (basically the end of the cliff) and the right to left rising traverse of the main ice sector which was fun. Mainly ice, but a few mixed moves.

Tony said...

I'm sorry, the previous comment was me. The computer was logged in with our lab account. Can we see pictures?