Monday, January 01, 2007

Slightly sad New Year cycling lists

I know it's all very Nick Hornby and blokeish to make lists, but I just reset the odometer on my commuting bike in preparation for my first cycle to work of 2007, in morning. So I thought I put the past years cycling figures up to challenge myself to do more in the coming year. I haven't cycled as much in 2006 as I did in 2005. I'm not quite sure why, moving house might have been part of it, as has been a foul, wet, autumn and early winter. Nevertheless, here are the figures.

On my commuting bike: 2507 kms. I did over 3000 kms in 2005, that will be my New Year's resolution target to hit for next year.

On my mountain bike (pictured above): 161 kms. My mountain bike is mainly what I do when there is no snow for skiing or its too wet and cold for rock climbing, and all of those kms were done off road on forest paths so its not too bad a figure.

On my road bike: 126 kms. Embarrassingly I only got round to riding it twice this year, generally a reflection that when the weather is OK I tend to commute by bike more and then want to climb at the weekend rather than go out cycling. Nevertheless one of those rides was when I averaged 30 kmph for two hours, something I hadn't managed in past years and was quite proud of!

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