Saturday, January 06, 2007

Take a deep breath...

I would have left this a comment on the Tundra Tabloid blog, but it isn't taking them any more. Anyway KGS, whose mission statement reads in part: "keeping tabs on... Islamist hegemony in Scandinavia", is getting a bit over-wrought about the impending global caliphate or whatever. Yesterday's Tundra Tabloid post was entitled: "Mohamed Overtakes Timo as Most Popular Finnish Name.......". KGS is quite keen on pointing out when the "MSM" fails to reach the required levels of accuracy, so I just can't miss the opportunity to point out that his title is both wrong and misleading. The most popular boys name in Finland last year was "Juhani", not Mohammed (or any of its spelling variants) or Timo, neither of which were even in the top ten. "Kristian" was though, so perhaps Islamist hegemony in Scandinavia is still a few years away!

All you would ever want to know about Finnish names is here, and the original news article that prompted KGS's slightly off the target posting is here.

He has though very nicely photoshopped some Islamic crescent moons on to a picture of Helsinki Lutheran Cathedral. At least I think it is photoshopped, as I haven't been down that way for a few weeks...

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