Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekend round-up

Moon above a cold field

Aussie Simon like a monkey up a stick

Little Toni on the Seutula Church Crag icefall

Video of the same mini-route

I've actually been achy all day today after climbing Saturday and Sunday. The shoddy start to the season has meant my muscles are not quite matching my enthusiasm level. Trying harder routes than previously leashless has led to some interesting aches in my wrist and forearms - muscles that I wasn't previously aware of!


Akinoluna said...

Hmm. I'm all achy too but it's from shoveling a massive amount of snow into an igloo-shaped heap. :-)

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

Did the igloo work? I shoveled a huge pile late last week with the intention of making my kids an 'igloo' as well. It was all rather powdery but I'm relying on that strange phenomenon that even powder snow once disturbed hardens, so I should be able to carve out the middle of the pile to make a shelter.

I take you guys get taught all that sort of stuff in arctic and mountain warfare training? I've been told that much of the US military winter warfare training and doctrine is still based on what many Finns who went into self-exile in the US after WWII taught based on the Winter War experience. The Royal Marines all get sent up to Northern Norway for all their playing in the snow training. I've always thought that it seemed like a particularly good reason for joining the RMs... Too old now though.

Akinoluna said...

We didn't dig out the igloo yet, we decided to wait for it to settle and for more snow to fall so we can make it bigger.

I don't know what they teach in the winter/mountain warfare courses. Most people don't ever get to do that, it's one of those special schools.