Friday, January 16, 2009

Lock 'n' load/rock 'n' roll

Very, very long term readers of this blog might remember that I've pondered on the continuing attraction of black leather fingerless gloves to both terrorists and counter terrorist forces worldwide. Beyond the odd heavy metaller, the rest of us have moved well beyond that particular fashion dead end. But just take a butchers at these fine fellows:

These are Azeri special forces: uniforms, crevats and camo facepaint - all colour-coordinated and accessorized nicely with the obligatory black leather fingerless gloves. How cool is that? I wonder if they wear their knee pads round their ankles as well?


Anonymous said...

and all chattin on their hands free mobiles....

simon said...

Maybe they have all been playing too much Counter-strike in their free time? :-)

Anonymous said...

i dont get it?

you're not even funny.

you don't know anything about the military or combat.

just shut up.

youre lame.