Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Watching the Inauguration

I saw a bit of the concert for the President last Sunday at the Lincoln Memorial; it looked so cold and rather grey. I've got absolutely nothing against Shakira in rubber trousers, but I did worry that she must have been feeling a bit parky up there.

I was thinking that not even Barack can sort the weather out. But look now. Blue sky and sunshine. That man is simply too cool for school.


Quizbo said...

That was pretty great, though did Obama actually take the oath of office in the end? It was hard to tell between their mutual botching of that short piece what he swore to in the end... hahaha.

Quizbo said...

I can hear the wheels of idiot conspiracy spinning already... did you see the giant banner headline on the Drudge Report? "NO BIBLE USED AT OBAMA RE-SWEAR" I can only imagine the nonsensical horseshit this is all going to spawn.