Friday, January 11, 2008

Looking cool for the counter-insurgency

Firepower and sartorial elegance!
I'm very excited to see the Times has also started to notice new fashion trends in the world of global mayhem. Good for them; I suspect that what is now happening with the Iraqi special forces troops on the streets of Baghdad will be seen in the autumn menswear collections on the catwalks of Milan and New York later this year. I'm working on my dodgy goatee, and am developing a collections of colour-coordinated leather fingerless gloves. Now I'm off to find my old skateboard knee pads and strap them round my ankles.

Notice googles on backwards - snowboarder style, ankle-worn knee pads, fag, cute little girl, and bizzarely - a meat cleaver!

Anyway - stay tuned for more on how to keep lookin' good for worldwide strife.

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Quizbo said...

Nice! I hadn't seen this one before. I used to wear knee pads to go caving, and also sometime when working on metal grating in broadcast towers. They certainly tend to chafe the backs of the legs, especially in hot weather, but wow... a lot better than mashing your knees. I think it's pretty amusing the US soldiers in the photos all seem to be wearing their knee pads in place. Perhaps the Iraqis think they're going to get advance notice before they need to use theirs, or perhaps like to adjust them once already under fire.