Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"Praise the Lord and pass the Ammunition"

A week without blogging. Sorry. I'm rubbish, but I am still here. Time just flies when you are stressed, tired and not having much fun. Anyway, enough of my moaning.

Over the last couple of years I've become a huge fan of Andy Kershaw's Radio 3 show. Perhaps I'm growing up if the one music show I listen to weekly is on Radio 3 - and quite clearly Tuareg desert music and acoustic English folk should be what all the cool kids are listening to, even if they aren't. Anyway over the last couple of weeks he has being playing tracks off a CD called: "Kickin' Hitler's Butt: Vintage Anti-Fascists Songs 1940-1944". What a collection. This weeks track was "Praise The Lord & Pass The Ammunition" by The Southern Sons Quartet. All wonderfully odd. Basically this reminded me of the photo above that I found some time ago and have been waiting for a good opportunity to share. Today seems as good a time as any as the Southern Sons Quartet show a good historical legacy to mixing American exceptionalism, blatant militarism and God. All good clean fun.

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