Sunday, April 15, 2007


Tony and the butterfly

If a butterfly flaps its wings in a Finnish forest - will a climber fall off a cliff? Tony and I both failed to onsight this beautiful line yesterday, and I at least am definitely blaming the butterfly rather than my utter lack of waddage.


Anthony said...

Of course.

But if nobody sees it will the climber still fall?

Dave C said...

Waddage? Are you dpensing more time on UK Bouldering now or something?
Great looking line anyway.

Toby - Northern Light Blog said...


I'm like, soooo, down with the kids. :-)

I was totally sandbagged - our guide to the crag said "yeah that one is lovely, about grade 5 or something" (about HVS). So I tried it onsight, and eventually fell off after doing a number of fingery 5b-ish moves. We tried on a top rope and I couldn't even string it together in one. Our hard climbing Aussie team member said he reckoned 21 or 22 - so what's that E2-ish? Anyway by my standard, pretty hard. Bomber gear though.