Thursday, April 12, 2007


That was the amount of time it took me to cycle into the office today. I'm dead chuffed, it's definitely a season's best, if not a PB. I didn't even feel I was going very fast and the wind was strong and against me. It must have been the roast lamb sandwiches and half a pint of café latte I had for lunch. My new-ish summer tyres do feel fast, even if they give a bit of a rougher ride being only 1.5 inches, but seem to grip just fine on both tarmac and hard pack gravel cycle paths, as well as where the paths are still a bit damp and muddy. So if anyone is looking for an urban tyre for a 26" wheel I could recommend these.

On a slightly different note, I would direct any economics buffs to the comments on my bizarre-frozen-chip-pricing post of a couple of weeks back: "Stupidnomics". Commenter Olly is making a very interesting argument as to why international capital markets might be attracted to the seemingly over-priced larger bags of chips. Unfortunately it is beyond my macro economics competence to know whether this a potential Nobel prize winning theory, or rather whether he has been smoking crack.

I'm also quite honoured that my "Rom" and Romney post below has been visited by a "Mitthead" - their term not mine! - to explain politely and seriously why Mitt isn't a flip flopper (there is definitely a foot wear/hand wear related joke in there somewhere but I haven't come up with it yet). I'm not entirely convinced but nevertheless Timotheus makes a good argument in his comment, so see what you think. And welcome to any other visiting Mittheads.

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You should have waited that 1 sec longer then the time would have been cooler.